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Some Real Nice Local Flounder


By Scott Lenox

Some Real Nice Local Flounder

Hit the vid for the Daily Catch at Sunset Marina!

It was yet another super hot day today with very high humidity and today we got a little dose of wind to go with it in the afternoon.  The wind was out of the south so it didn’t help with the heat much so feel free to use your analogy to describe it.  I felt like an egg at 5 minutes in an InstantPot.

The afternoon wind forecast had some boats opting to stay home for the day and others to head out early and get the day in.  The Boss Hogg with Captain Brian Porter at the helm had a good day with the tunas putting some quality fish on the dock.

Captain Kane Bounds of the Fish Bound has been having some good fishing on his 8 hour trips targeting fluke (summer flounder) and has had some very nice fish aboard.  4 hour trips are producing mackerel and bluefish from the inshore lumps.

You don’t usually expect flounder from a 65′ Guthrie, but Captain Willie Zimmerman of the RoShamBo has skills.  Yesterday he had a great catch of blueline tilefish and added some keeper flounder as well.

The Babikow clan had another good day on their private boat yesterday chunking up three yellowfin tuna.

Hunter Hebron and his crew had two yellowfin tuna for a nice day on the water.

Kevin McNelis fished ocean structure today to land his personal best five pound flounder.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported some ok sea bass fishing and a few keeper flounder on today’s trip.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had to work for his fish and though the mahi didn’t cooperate some big sea bass did.

Departed this a.m. into nearly perfect conditions. Those calm seas and winds, however, belied today’s forecast of stiff afternoon southerlies – a forecast that held many craft in their slips. We arrived at Rambler Reef where Gustavo from Brazil and Pat from (a much closer) Hanover, MD made our second drop at this brand new site. I was half expecting to mark fish after yesterday’s reef block drop, but that was only its first so of course not. Once we’ve a few hundred reef blocks there it will be a different story. 

We soon stumbled upon a polyball, and then another, but found no mahi beneath them. I sure hope mahi come on a bit better. Although I’ve seen water temps of 80 degrees already, they’re going to do what they will. Last year it was dern near the third week of August before they came inshore in any number. 

Sea bassing wasn’t what we’d hoped, that’s for sure. By grinding it out though we scratched most everyone a nice dinner. Kelvin was a well-deserved high hook when the fellow in the 2 spot hooked a gold horseshoe. In the last 15 minutes Justin boxed 5 nice keepers – would have won the pool if he’d played – caught one after another after another; all on boat supplied bait with as plain and simple a rental rod rig with as you can imagine. He tied for high man while everyone nearby could only marvel. No other keepers were caught while he was on a roll. 

Now that’s fishing!

Bob from Captain’s Cove won the pool with a nice bass from early in the day. 

Left a half hour early, in an hour late. Wind never did strengthen above 16 knots. Pretty off there. 

We are laying in tomorrow for wind though. Dern shame. Had some great friends along the rail for Monday’s 11 hour trip. 



Shooters on the deck of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing always have a good time with Captain Marc Spagnola.  The rays however, do not.

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