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STOP! Here are a few good reasons not to move to the coast

by DrewLUD

 Back in the 1990s, the good people of Oregon were concerned about the influx of California residents moving permanently into their state. Lower taxes, cheaper housing, and greater recreational opportunities were luring them there. Imagine that!

Oregonians decided to discourage such migration by publicizing the negative aspects (real and imagined) of the state, especially the number of rainy days to which they were annually subjected. 

Their writings and pronouncements made the Beaver State sound like a northern rainforest, or, at the very least, offered an explanation as to why beavers felt so comfortable living there. 

Traffic along Route 1 in Rehoboth Beach.
 Jason Minto/The News Journal
Traffic along Route 1 in Rehoboth Beach.

Thirty years later, we in the Delaware coastal region might want to take a page from Oregon’s playbook to devise a campaign aimed at discouraging migration from neighboring states. And, if we are really lucky, it might create a cadre of people actively opposed to moving here, who, for want of a better phrase, we might term “never coasters.”   

How might that be done?    

Let’s take your average Pennamite, as one would have been known in the 18th century. He or she is considering a 21st century move to what is currently a corn field but will shortly metamorphose into a housing development. 

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