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Sunday Evening Service | Sept 11th | 6:00 Pm |

by DrewLUD

Welcome to our Sunday Morning Service. The Potter’s House Scarborough is located in Toronto, Ontario.

The needs of the church are present, and encourage givers to continue to provide, it’s times like these, where we need to support. 
You can continue to give at our email transfer: phscarborough@yahoo.com

If any technical difficulties arise, go to our Instagram @phscrb, where we will continue the stream. Follow our instagram for more up-to-date news on events, and church information.

If you have prayer requests or are in need of help, please contact a member of our church, or proceed to our website and submit it there.
Our website: http://www.phscr.com

If there is anyone you know who doesn’t have the link, please share it with them.

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