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Trimper’s Rides agrees to move Ferris wheel off Ocean City Boardwalk



OCEAN CITY, Md. — The controversy surrounding the placement of Trimper’s Rides’ 149-foot-tall Ferris wheel seems to have reached a conclusion Wednesday after the amusement park informed town officials that it will move its ride off town property.

Trimper’s and Ocean City have been in communication since town leaders ordered the amusement park to move its Ferris wheel off the Boardwalk on Monday night. The park had until Tuesday to develop a plan and inform the town about how it would rectify the situation.

Questions about the Ferris wheel’s proximity to the Ocean City Boardwalk, which is owned by the town, arose over the weekend. The encroachment was confirmed Monday when a survey paid for by Trimper’s found the ride overhung town property by at least 10 feet.

The Trimper's Ferris Wheel over the boardwalk Monday, June 7, 2021, in Ocean City, Maryland.

In one of the updates from Trimper’s on Wednesday, park officials told the town it will dismantle the 149-foot tall Ferris wheel on Monday and move it, according to Jessica Waters, communications and marketing director for Ocean City.

The Big Wheel has been shut down, according to Waters, but the town will continue to issue fines for the zoning violation until the Ferris wheel is off the Boardwalk.


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