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Tsunami warning system

by DrewLUD

Strong earthquakes and subsequent colossal tsunami tidal waves pose a massive risk to many islands and coastal areas and can cause devastating disasters, leading to health and life hazards, and significant property losses. A tsunami can strike anytime and anywhere, and it can reach the coast within very few minutes of the beginning of an earthquake. Therefore, it is this time that can be used to save lives and mitigate property damage using a modern monitoring, warning, and notification system.

Telegrafia’s tsunami early warning system is designed as a state-of-the-art siren system covering vast inhabited coastal areas. It is connected to the existing underwater earthquake, weather, and sea-level monitoring systems. It is equipped with the Vektra® software applications (SCADA, Warning, and Notification) for the individual system elements:
• A monitoring system, monitoring seismic waves passing through the earth’s crust after an underwater earthquake.
• A siren warning system, covering the coastal area that can be hit by a tsunami with a warning signal.
• A notification system, informing the first responders (responsible persons) by voice or text about the occurrence of an emergency.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us or find it on Telegrafia website https://www.telegrafia.eu/en/solution/mass-public-warning/tsunami-early-warning-system/

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