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WEEK IN MY LIFE IN CALIFORNIA || unboxing Europe clothes, crazy busy work week + the end of an era

by DrewLUD

Can you believe we only have one vlog left in California?!!!!! Summer literally flew and I am ~depressed~ thinking about leaving next week. Running around like a mad woman this week trying my very best to find a happy medium with styled by things, internship hours, and soaking up these last days with my roomies. I can’t say I’m the greatest at it, but I’m certainly trying.

Stay tuned for one final video here…. 🙁

★Bolt Boutique
– use code MCKENZ15 for 15% off
– poppy tank: https://boltclothingboutique.com/collections/tanks/products/poppy-ribbed-cropped-tanks-6?utm_source=influencer&utm_medium=social

★Dolce Vita Shoes
– black heels: https://rstyle.me/+2uHQCo3d4uisse7DIZuoqA
– cowboy boots: https://rstyle.me/+BsA8Nr3PZihSl-8qclf17w

– blow dryer: https://www.t3micro.com/product/aireluxe-professional-hair-dryer

– black tee https://rstyle.me/+QE3eQVrS1ZDztB5cEasf1w
– white tee https://rstyle.me/+vCxdG2e9rhDOQHrifVrucA
– linen pants https://rstyle.me/+qxQAGcQHH_rTH0OZc2sw9Q
– linen skirt https://rstyle.me/+wEzQvs9tlom5ABz5Tw3qJw
– pink bodysuit https://rstyle.me/+yqcioremf-GCi8LmqNGfUQ
– white lace bodysuit https://rstyle.me/+n5eLifA1lYrFbYxV_m7cmQ

– short white dress https://rstyle.me/+kA46Jd_uaai3X45raf628A
– long white dress https://rstyle.me/+xiYjadybl6ivUv8j7BpI1w
– tan collared dress https://rstyle.me/+Tb1Yv2P4U4Mk6bR3bhaaLQ
– tan mini dress https://rstyle.me/+GH8i-MTUukDjhlFl6eGSvA
– floral mini dress https://rstyle.me/+IzOmjQpOykxMIoRZM9XdtQ
– white bodysuit https://rstyle.me/+FEFMjdwmmvhu9L1KbLl31w
– black pants https://rstyle.me/+d6rjV4pb4PbUwItWhMxEow
– tan pants https://rstyle.me/+hBpul8yt8ZL89MIiZ2ptSw

★Franco Sarto
– espadrille platforms https://rstyle.me/+931mu0xL-NAr0I5KEQXVpQ
– espadrille sandals https://rstyle.me/+U79Vs2fcPZ64qGhh-OyW_A
– white sandals https://rstyle.me/+HEOANgWL0vEfal2_A0E4hQ
– mules

★Steve Madden
– white sandals https://rstyle.me/+OFq1dY7_uvm3wInfTiXXQg
– tan sandals https://rstyle.me/+aK_omz0wD8tYbLNHtgbc8A
– white sneakers https://rstyle.me/+6QJbiP62Zexm0xadd4Eiuw
– espadrille sneakers https://rstyle.me/+fAMsUelWO9FBu664Wf2pcQ
– sparkly sandals https://rstyle.me/+IZngnfWzQjaq_GM6_VDaXQ
– brown braided sandals https://rstyle.me/+aK_omz0wD8tYbLNHtgbc8A
– black boots https://rstyle.me/+OcowxsrGA7c-POY2_zDtXQ

★Kotomi Swim
– activewear + pink suit coming soon!
– floral top https://www.kotomiswim.com.au/collections/enchanted-meadows/products/rochelle-top-flower-garden
– floral bottom https://www.kotomiswim.com.au/collections/enchanted-meadows/products/rochelle-bottom-flower-garden

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