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What is Coastal America’s Future?

by DrewLUD

Climate change puts into question the future of coastal America, home to over 100 million people. Some Americans are relocating away from coastal areas increasingly at risk of sea-level rise, fires, more powerful storms, and other climate disasters, while others are rethinking what it means to stay. But what if we took this challenge as an opportunity to drastically reimagine life in the United States for the better—on the coasts and beyond?

Join the Future of Land and Housing Program at New America and Future Tense to discuss the mix of creative public policies and societal reimagining needed to ensure that coastal America has a future.


Opening Remarks:

Paul Butler, President and Chief Transformation Officer, New America

Panel Discussion

Abrahm Lustgarten, New America Fellow & Senior Reporter, ProPublica

Brenda Cooper, Author, Out of Ash, Future Tense Fiction; Author, Wilders (Project Earth)

Tim Robustelli, Policy Analyst, New America Future of Land and Housing Program

Elaine Morales, Director, Partnerships & Policy, Connective


Yuliya Panfil, Director, New America Future of Land and Housing Program


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