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What’s inside GABBY’S DOLLHOUSE!! Surprise Box for Adley and Niko! playing toys with our family 🐈

by DrewLUD

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LET’S BE FRIENDS — https://goo.gl/a7ctjJ

HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome to the basement trick competition!! My mom is judging how well my dad and I do cool tricks!! I wanted to show my dad what I could do, so I did a front flip on our giant beanbag and then I cartwheeled all over the basement!! My dad did some pretty cool tricks as well. When he jumped on the beanbag he spun like 4 times!! But right in the middle of our competition, we heard something peculiar, We heard the Gabby’s Dollhouse cat doorbell sound!! That sound comes on when a package is delivered, so we rushed upstairs to check our front door!! The sound was telling the truth because when we opened the door we found a GIANT box from Gabby’s Dollhouse!! I was so excited!!! I told dad and mom to help me bring it in so we could see what’s inside!! We got it all ready and opened it and found so many cool things inside!! We found magic cat ears, a big dollhouse, deluxe rooms, and a lot of characters from the show!! My favorite cat, Pandy, was even there!! We unboxed everything and started to build!! While we were building I was so ready to start playing I asked by dad to keep building so that mom and I could just play!! It was so fun!! I gave a tour to my mom of the whole house, I took her to the secret upstairs, and we found all the neat surprises hidden throughout the dollhouse!! I was having so much fun that I wanted my brother Niko to come and play with me!! My dad went and grabbed him and we played for a long time!! I am so happy that Gabby’s Dollhouse sent me that fun box of surprises!!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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