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WxTalk Webinar Special: Top Ten Weather Events of 2020

by DrewLUD

Presenter: Greg Carbin
NOAA/Weather Prediction Center
College Park, MD
Greg will present an overview of hazardous weather episodes impacting life and property within the United States during 2020 (and the top 10 events in the past decade ending in 2019). Selected events will be presented in quasi-chronological order and described with photos, maps, and loops of satellite and radar data. While many of the events selected for this talk captured the attention of the media and public, some of these “meteorological memories” may have been forgotten as more substantial weather events occurred throughout the year. This review will highlight some of the “big stories”, as well as smaller short-term events. The presentation will include descriptions of significant and deadly weather events of the past year including winter storms, tornadoes and floods. Along with the meteorological set-up for each event, an impact summary will also be provided.


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