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YouTube Recording Weather: May Forecast

by DrewLUD

Weather Reporter Malcolm Oliver has your May Forecast in the State of Maryland, Even today and tomorrow forecast in Maryland.

Today: 79 Degrees Mostly Cloudy
Tomorrow: 74 Degrees Rain

Now in the State of Maryland it’s mostly 70s except 60s in Perryville, Queenstown, and Ocean City.

Here’s the Forecast in Maryland:
Tuesday: 85 Degrees Rain Showers
Wednesday: 79 Degrees Rain Showers
Thursday: 67 Degrees Partly Sunny
Friday: 61 Degrees Mostly Cloudy
Saturday: 63 Degrees Partly Sunny
Sunday: 63 Degrees Mostly Sunny
Monday: 66 Degrees Partly Sunny
Tuesday: 70 Degrees Mostly Sunny

Source: Youtube